Top 10 CRM Reviews of 2021

Choosing a CRM is really hard! Our CRM consulting experts have posted reviews below to help you make the most informed choice. We are not compensated by any CRM companies, so these are unbiased opinions cultivated by our CRM consultants to help you make your next CRM purchase.

Who are the best CRMs of 2021? Let’s start with some definitions.

First, what is a CRM?

A CRM is an acronym which is short for Customer Relationship Manager. In summary, it’s a database containing all your leads. It also contains your customers, and former customers. What a CRM actually does is a bit complicated. Why? Because it does so much! It might be smarter to ask what a CRM doesn’t do. 

For example, potential leads are usually added to the CRM. Sales Reps reach out to the leads when they request information about a company. So, the marketing department relies on the CRM to add new leads.  Secondly, the sales team, and or pre-sales, depending on your company, also uses the CRM to place outbound phone calls, add reminders, potentially send out calendar invitations to leads, and create tasks to remind them to call the leads later.

Then, once the sales Account Executives take the leads, or opportunities if they’ve been qualified, then all of the opportunity notes, emails, phone calls, and everything else are tracked there.  So, the Account Executives use the CRM to track all interactions with the potential customer, and then once the deal closes, they mark it as closed won.  Some CRMs even have contract signature electronic signing (E-Sign) capabilities and features built in either via integration, or natively.

The customer service department typically uses the CRM to track customer interactions, customer tickets, and customer questions.

Lastly, Marketing typically relies on the post-sale data in the CRM whether it’s closed won customers, or closed lost opportunities both of which require some marketing automation.

So, as you can see, the question of “What is a CRM” is a very long, drawn out question which doesn’t have a simple answer.  A CRM is kind of like the backbone of any modern company.

How do I know if I need a CRM?  

Great question.  Any company who wants to manage their clients and be efficient needs a CRM system. Some small businesses might ask the question: does a small business really need a CRM?  The short answer- it really depends on your company.  To some degree, it’s a personal preference; however, one could say that in 2021, with the power of modern technology, it really doesn’t make much sense not to have a CRM to power your business.  

You’re wondering where to purchase a CRM? It’s a great question. You could start with a conversation with us. Our consulting experts will give you unbiased opinions, and after that initial conversation, you may be better equipped with the knowledge necessary to make a smart purchase.

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The OG (Original Gangster) of Cloud Computing: 

We have a great deal of respect for because they were kind of like the first company to the CRM Market. You can’t really talk about CRM without talking about (SFDC for short). Salesforce was the first company, at least the first one we know of, to launch a Software as a Service (SAAS) based CRM platform.  By the way, for you young whipper snappers, SAAS is synonymous with Cloud-Based albeit a throwback term 🙂 .