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3 Tips to Consider Sales Training

My customers often ask me when is the right time to purchase Sales Training, and some ask me if it even works!

These are both smart questions to ask before you dump thousands of dollars into hiring a Sales Training firm to train your team.  Keep in mind, though, that the answer to this question will not be the same for every company because each company’s sales representatives have different skill sets, therefore, each company will have different needs with respect to Sales Training.  In order to help you think through when is the right time to hire a Sales Training Firm, I’ve created a short list containing a few things you may want to contemplate:

Sales Training: (3 Things to Consider) 

1. 80% of Sales Reps Don’t Have a Process:

According to a recent LinkedIn Article 80% of sales professionals can’t write out their process from start to finish.  Want to know if it’s the right time to hire a Sales Training firm, just ask your sales reps to write out their sales process from start to finish.  There’s an 80% chance they can’t.  That will be very telling

2. Most Sales Reps Are Lost?

Recent articles  I’ve referenced indicate that 3/4 of Sales Reps have no idea what they’re doing.  To be honest, this stat kind of blew my mind, but it’s based on hundreds of thousands of sales assessment tests, so the data kind of speaks for itself.  If 75% of the salesforce doesn’t know what they’re doing, this means you have two options: a) fire them, b) train them.  Okay, maybe with 25% of your salesforce, you have the option letting them continue to succeed, but for everyone else, it’s easy to determine what to do next

3.  According to a recent Yesware Article, Keep Training Short but Consistent

This article brings up a great point pertaining to determine when is the right time to hire sales consultants or to contract Sales Training for your Sales Team.  Don’t overdo it, especially in today’s day & age when people are so overwhelmed with info.  Sales reps are no different in that they’re consuming huge amounts of data, so we don’t want to overwhelm them with long, complex training.

4.  A Bonus Item:  Consider Ramp Up:

It’s really important to consider where your sales team is in their learning ramp-up.  According to SalesBenchmark Index, sales teams have the following ramp-up times between a salesperson’s start date and achievement of full productivity.  This brings up a couple of points:  1) If you add resources to getting them trained faster in the beginning, will they produce revenue more quickly, 2) For sales reps thast are already at full maturity, will sales training make them better.


  • 7.3% in < 3 months
  • 50.7%  in 3-6 months
  • 18.8% in 7-12 months
  • 23.2% in 12+ months

This concludes my article about the things you may want to consider before hiring a Sales Training Company.  I hope you find this helpful, and if you should ever need anything at all, please contact me anytime :-).  Be well!

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