BOOST Your Sales with Higher EMail Open Rates

BOOST Your Sales by Getting Higher Email Open Rates

As you know, at Boost Sales Consulting, we are very focused on helping you uncover smart sales techniques that help companies increase sales!  Today’s post is about a very simple & pragmatic way for you to BOOST Revenues!

If you’re a sales rep, you’re constantly sending emails, but are you using data to maximize your email open rates?  Now thanks to Hubspot, you can leverage the data analysis they’ve done based upon 20 Million Sent Emails, to increase your email open rates.  And I don’t need to tell you that the first step to gaining mindshare with your prospective customer is getting them to open your emails.

I’ve taken the time to read their report, highlighting the data I think you’ll find most valuable as a sales rep!  They also talked about the best time to send emails during holidays, but I left that out for you.  There’s a link to download the full report below if you want to see that data.

  1. Send Emails at 11am.  

    Every day of the week, you’ll have a higher email open rate at 11am than any other time.  Sunday is the exception with 9pm having a higher open rate than any other time

  2. Send Emails on Tuesday for a 20% better open rate

    Tuesdays have a 20% higher open rate than any other day followed by Mondays & Wednesdays which are tied with a 18% higher open rate than average.  Thursday is 15%, and Friday is 8%.  So, when an email can wait for Tuesday, Monday or Wednesday, in that respective order, wait for those days IF YOU WANT THEM OPENED

How can you wait to send an email later?  

You’re probably wondering how the heck you can wait to send an email later, right?  Well, I’ve done some research on a few easily implemented tools you can use to send emails in a delayed manner.  Below are simple links to (3) products that allow you to delay when you send an email:

  1. Cirrus Insight

    This tool works with both Gmail & Outlook, and it interfaces with  I’ve implemented this for one of my clients and their “send later” function works quite nicely in Gmail.  You simply pick the date/time you want your email to go

  2. Hubspot Sales

    This software works with Gmail & Outlook (not Outlook for Mac), and allows you to send an email later.  I use this to power Boost Sales Consulting, and it’s been a great tool

  3. Yesware

    This sales software tool also allows you to send an email later and I know they work with GMail, but cannot recall what other email clients they support


As mentioned before, this wonderful data was brought to you by the wonderful people at Hubspot.  You can get the full report here.

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