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In What Era Are You Selling?

I just read a great article from’s Quotable blog about how to stop selling like you’re in the 1970s.  Pretty funny stuff, but it’s kind of true which is a problem.  I suggest reading it because sales reps need to modify their selling processes to support the needs of their buyers.

The biggest point for me is when Colleen says the following:

“Today’s marketing programs provide sales departments with an overflowing bounty of insights. And yet far too many sellers squander this power.”


Isn’t that quote true though.  Marketing teams bring a level of sophistication to the table when it comes to understanding their buyers, and then sales departments fall short when they get the lead.  At the end of the day, if sales organizations want to increase sales revenues, they’ve got to adopt social media selling, and improve their selling capabilities. 
The original article is on’s Quotable blog.  Here’s a link!  Enjoy :-).  

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